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As part of the Museum’s efforts to reach a broad section of educators across the country, we have made some USHMM educational materials available through select Open Educational Resource (OER) networks. The Museum has begun with five resource packets that can be accessed through
Share My Lesson and Teachers Pay Teachers.

The five packets are:

  • Introduction to the Holocaust: Documentary Film and Classroom Materials
  • How To Teach About the Holocaust
  • Teaching about the Holocaust Using Survivor Testimony
  • Planning a Holocaust Commemoration at your School
  • History Unfolded: US Newspapers and the Holocaust

Our goal is to make the Museum’s resources as accessible as possible to teachers. If you have suggestions regarding additional Open Educational Resources that you frequently use to find classroom materials, or if you have ideas about other networks through which the Museum should share its resources, please contact David Klevan, Educational Outreach Specialist, Education Initiatives, Levine Institute for Holocaust Education, USHMM at or 202.488.0462.

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